About Soul Song Flutes

There is a difference between sounds that we come in contact with in our every day life and sounds that come from our soul singing and telling us we are free and happy. Soul Song Flutes is the culmination of a personal and spiritual journey to listen to and give voice to our deepest and most authentic vibrations. What is the sound that your soul yearns to sing?

Our flutes are both a product and a method for soul expression. They are carefully crafted from diverse woods to allow the sound and vibrations to be expressed first and foremost. The result is a wide range of beautiful flutes in different keys with various visual elements to enhance each flute's unique tone. The flutes are not made as much as they are given voice.

You will find a wide selection of flutes in our inventory and the option to build a customized instrument in your choice of woods, key, and configuration. Feel free to browse through the pictures and sound samples of each of our flutes in the catalogue. For a custom quote, e-mail us at fluteshop@soulsongflutes.com.